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Types of Drilling Machines

A drilling machine is a machine tool used for making round holes on workpieces by feeding a rotating cutting tool called drill bit. Although the primary purpose of a drilling machine is to drill holes, depending on the type of machine it can also perform the following cutting operations. Countersinking Counterboring Boring Reaming Tapping Spot-facing… Read More »

Drill Bit

Drill bits are rotary cutting tools that are used to produce holes in solid material. The process is called drilling. Drill bit or drills are multi-tooth tools that are held on the rotating spindle of the drilling machine and fed against the stationary work piece.  On a lathe the primary rotational motion is created by… Read More »


A reamer is a rotary cutting tool designed to finish a hole with accurate size and smooth surface finish. Reamers are used in metalworking to machine a previously created hole. Typically a hole is drilled to under size keeping a small allowance of material and then using a reamer, the hole is enlarged to the… Read More »