Welcome to Tool Picks.com. My name is Sunny, the creator of this website and a tool maker by profession.

The Idea

During my toolmaking career whenever I searched on internet for a tool either wikipedia or one of those huge ecommerce stores will pop-up. While wikipedia provides lots of information, the problem with wikipedia is that, a single page is often written by number of contributors. This often result in unorganized information and sometimes inaccurate too. Having said that I must also say that the wiki editors are doing a wonderful job to maintain the quality of the pages.
The large online shops present you with the minimal information regarding the tool itself. Their primary aim is to sell those equipments to you.
This made be realize that there is an opportunity to share the knowledge I acquired from my 20 years of experience in precision tooling industry. Thus the site was born. I aim to keep this site updated with details about the tools used in metalworking and woodworking.